Warranty Policy

180-Day Warranty

All boards come with a 180-day warranty.

Warranty does not include damage caused by abuse of the board, riding in the rain or on a wet surface, accidents caused by the rider, or careless use of the board.

If you live in the Kelowna or Vancouver, BC area we will pick up your board, fix it, and return it – free of charge. If you live outside of these areas and your board was shipped to you then we will diagnose the problem and send you the parts, along with instructions on how to fix your board. We will be here every step of the way to answer any questions you may have and can even send video demonstrations. 

If your board breaks when the warranty period is over we can provide a repair service or send you the necessary parts at a cost.

Contact us by email at info@shaboardz.com or by phone at (604) 250-9039 for help with warranty claims.

Does Not Include:

Warranty is for when the board is unable to ride or operate – not for regular wear and tear or maintenance.

Regular wear and tear, such as worn wheels and PU sleeves happen from regular riding and are the customers responsibility.