The Growth of Personal Electric Vehicle Communities

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With the PEV industry growing, so too does a global community dedicated to this new form of transportation. Groups all across countries have been forming and evolving into something more than just boards with motors – they’re becoming communities where people from different backgrounds can come together over shared interests in clean air alternatives like electric bikes!

From Los Angeles to Toronto and New York across the Atlantic onto London and Paris. Chances are there is a PEV community in your city too. Each of these city-based groups hosts regular group meet-ups and events organized through local riders and PEV enthusiasts. 

Most of the interactions and largest presence of these groups can be found in Facebook groups, Instagram accounts, and web forums such as Reddit or ESK8 Forums.

Many new riders aren’t even aware that a community may exist in their city. It is integral to help promote these communities so riders of all PEV types can come together and explore their city.

Most major cities around the world have groups dedicated to electric skateboard and PEV riders in general (this includes e-bikes, EUCs, e-scooters, and electric longboards). However, there are areas where PEVs and electric skateboards are still new (and in some cases unheard of).

If you happen to live in a city that doesn’t already have a social community and you are looking to ride with other like-minded individuals it is always a good idea to search around for any available groups in your area. If there are no groups to be found then consider the opportunity to be the one to start it. 

Starting a community can be fairly easy and will grow over time. Just be aware that it takes years to develop a grande community like that of LA ESK8 or BAESK8. All it takes is the initiative and gathering of a small group using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Share those links in various forums and subreddits appealing to those who live in your city/region. Setup group ride events and meet-ups where more riders can join and take part in the community. From there keep expanding and allow others in the community to contribute and assist in the communities growth.

There have been many ESK8 and e-boarding groups that have expanded into large communities. Here is a list of some of the communities around the world that have made a significant impact not only in their local community but also globally.

Carve UK / ESK8 France 

Carve UK / ESK8 France 

Although it seems as if the community in the UK is a bit scattered with riders from cities both big and small, there is a huge cluster of riders and pockets of subgroups. ESK8 France seems to be one of the best global communities as far as hosting events and races as well. You can find some nice highlight videos of their group rides online. 

Photo by: LAESK8 Facebook group

LA ESK8 / BAESK8 (Los Angeles & Bay Area PEV groups)

Since both these groups collaborate quite regularly and are from the same state of California I decided to pop them together in one category. I’m a huge fan of the people who organize the LA ESK8 and BAESK8 groups. They have provided a bit of a blueprint for other groups as well as a preview of what a well-organized and established electric longboard or PEV group could be. They host group rides frequently with predetermined and thought-out routes that are tested before events for safety. 

Photo by: BAESK8 Facebook group

They allow for other members to also create events within their group and keep their community open to a diversified plate of PEV styles. Keep in mind that these two groups tend to have larger turnouts including a mix of e-bikes, EUCs, and e-scooters. For that reason, their routes are fairly long and not meant for slow riding or short distance riders. 

Photo by: ESK8 PH Facebook group

ESK8 Philippines 

The Philippines and the Southeast Asian region, in general, have a shockingly large PEV and eclectic longboarding community. The ESK8PH group has over 5000 members (one of the highest electric and PEV group member counts) on Facebook. Not only do they have a consistently active group, but there are also a few electric longboard and PEV companies based out of Southeast Asia as well. Although I have not seen any events posted to their group page I can easily assume they do exist. Follow along with the Philippines group on Facebook under ESK8PH.  

Photo by: Vancouver ESK8 Facebook group

Vancouver ESK8 (Vancouver, Canada PEV & Electric Longboard group)

If there was one group from around the world that started late in the game and has exploded and elevated the electric longboard and PEV community the Vancouver ESK8 group would have to be it. A lot can be learned from a group that had a handful of members while other major cities already had thousands.

Their group rides and events are well documented on YouTube and looking back on a few you can see the increase of riders in their group as the years went on. They do a great job collaborating with companies as well as hosting big events consistently with massive prizes to boot.

Recently they gave away a Shaboardz Swap electric longboard and they will also be giving away an electric scooter at an upcoming group ride. Those prizes along with a touch of good marketing and branding have allowed the Vancouver ESK8 group to blow up and make a mark on the global electric longboard and PEV scene. 

Photo by: NYC EBoarding Facebook group

NYC E-Boarding (New York City PEV and e-ride group)

I call this group the OG group of electric longboards. Although I do believe there are a few groups based out of New York, this one seems to be the most prominent. Beyond having some of the largest turn-outs globally for their group rides, this community does a great job of consistently holding events for the PEV and electric longboarding community.

Much like Vancouver ESK8 the New York group has been able to work with industry businesses to further expand on the community. They also in many ways added the element of introducing electric longboarding to the general public. Their massive group rides generally turn heads and cause people to pull out cameras. The NYC e-boarding group is one to set an example of what a PEV community could be.   

These are just five of the many amazing communities from around the world. If you are new to the electric longboard or PEV community then be sure to look up your local PEV group and if one does not exist take on the challenge of helping your local community by creating a group and setting up group rides.

It can take a few years for your group to populate to a point where your group rides will involve over 25 riders, but every year you will certainly see more and more members join you and your community. Every city is deserving of a PEV and electric longboarding group and the examples provided truly show that. Be sure to visit all the group pages mentioned to get more ideas on how you can get a head start in your group and community efforts. 

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