High Performance Regenerative Braking System

At Shaboardz, each board we sell is equipped with a high-performance regenerative braking system to restore usable energy. For many, regenerative braking is an unfamiliar or untried concept. However, the automotive industry has put this concept to the test in many of their new hybrid and electric vehicles. Here at Shaboardz, we consider ourselves to be innovators by incorporating regenerative braking systems into all our electric boards.

What is a regenerative braking system?

Regenerative braking, most commonly seen in hybrid vehicles, is a highly efficient braking system that controls how much energy is consumed by automatically slowing the motion of a moving vehicle or component and converting it into usable energy that is stored to be used at a later time.

How does a regenerative braking system work?

As previously stated, regenerative braking is an energy recovering system that stores kinetic energy. In the circumstance of electric boards, kinetic energy is stored in the battery of the skateboard or longboard to increase efficiency. A regenerative braking system works by the motor using power from the battery to create kinetic energy. Instead of creating new energy each time the motor is turned on, the board will utilize stored energy that was not initially used.  

A regenerative braking system is a highly efficient approach that impacts our environment in a positive way by preventing exhaust being released into the atmosphere. At Shaboardz, we are just as committed to the environment as we are to our customers, which is why each electric board we offer is fully equipped with a regenerative braking system.  

Shop our collection of electric boards to check out the high-performance regenerative braking system for yourself! We provide quick and convenient shipping all throughout Canada and will ship out your order within 24 hours of us receiving your order.  

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