Protective Pads & Wrist Guards

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Protect your knees, elbows and wrists with our protective pad value pack. If you fall off your electric longboard you’re likely to fall on your knees, elbows or hands – these pads will help prevent against cuts, scrapes, road rash and wrist injuries.

Knee pads:
  • Upper circumference: S: 28-34cm | M: 30-36cm | L: 35-40cm
  • Lower circumference: S: 22-29cm | M: 29-32cm | L: 32-36cm
Elbow pads:
  • Upper circumference: S: 19-26cm | M: 24-28cm | L: 27-30cm
  • Lower circumference: S: 17-22cm | M: 21-25cm | L: 25-27cm
Wrist Guards:
  • Circumference of palm: S: 14-16cm | M: 17-21cm | L: 22-25cm

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