Your Canadian e-skate connect

Your e-skate connect

Electric Longboards and Skateboards

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40 km/h top speed

12-20 km battery range

Dual hub motor power

40 km/h top speed

12-20 km battery range

Replaceable batteries

40 km/h top speed

12-30 km battery range

Airless all-terrain wheels

40 km/h top speed

15-25 km battery range

8" pneumatic wheels

52 km/h top speed

Up to 80 km battery range

330 lbs capacity

Why Shaboardz?

For the best electric skateboards, longboards & mountainboards choose Shaboardz! We’re an online Canadian based e-skate company, located in North Vancouver, BC. We also stock products at a retail location in Kelowna, BC.

Our collection consists of a wide variety of e-boards. Whether you’re looking for an all-terrain electric longboard that can ride on any surface or one of the fastest e-boards on the market with the longest battery range, we have what you’re looking for. We also stock electric mountain boards that have some amazing features for off-road longboard use. If you’re tight on funds, we have the best budget electric longboard available & we can help you out with financing.

We also stock a large inventory of e-skate parts & accessories – including Shredlights, flexible longboard decks, off-road longboard wheels, timing belts and e-skate remotes. If your board needs a fix or update, we’ve got you covered.

Our customer service is second to none, check our Google reviews!  Since we’re based right here in Canada we can cut down on those lengthy shipping times expected with larger international companies. We always put our customer’s experience and satisfaction above profits – we excel at customer service.

We are proud to be Canada’s leading source of e-boards. Shop electric skateboards, longboards and mountainboards today for quick and convenient shipping throughout Canada. Order now and we’ll ship your order within one business day.

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