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Waiting on parts for your electric skateboard can be a tedious process when you live in Canada, especially when there are supply chain issues like the ones that every business and consumer are dealing with in today’s world. Shaboardz has a large inventory of electric skateboard parts right here in Canada, ready to ship to you same or next day.

Important components we have in stock

Luckily many of the components used to build electric skateboards are universally used by most of the big e-skate companies, so if you didn’t buy your e-board from us, we probably still have the part you need to get your board fixed. 

Since we’re based in Canada, we can get the part shipped to you in 1-7 business days, depending on where you live.

The two main components we have in stock that are universally used by other companies throughout the industry are ESC’s and hub motors. An ESC for an electric skateboard connects to the battery, the motors and the boards remote. 

Some call it a motherboard. If your board isn’t turning on, it’s either the ESC or the battery that’s your problem. 

ESC’s ready to ship

The ESC’s for electric skateboards we have in stock are for hub motor boards. We have two brands – Hobbywing and Lingyi. Both of these brands are used by other companies, so if your electric skateboard ESC dies and you don’t want to wait for overseas shipping, we can help you out! We also sell the remote and the power button for the ESC.


Remotes are another product that can be universally used with different brands. Again, we have both Lingyi and Hobbywing Remotes in stock and ready to ship to you. We use expedited shipping for electric skateboard Remotes and ESC’s within Canada, because of their light weight. When you purchase an ESC or remote from us, it will arrive in 1-2 business days. 

Hub Motors

Hub motors are also something that we stock quite heavily. All of our hub motors are 90mm. We have some with MR30 connectors and also the old style with three bullet connectors. You’ll need to take your board apart to see how your motors are connected to your ESC. 

Does it use an MR30 connector or the three bullet connectors? Our YouTube channel may be beneficial to you. 

We have multiple videos that show you how to dismantle boards and components and put new ones on. You can also give us a call and we’ll do our best to help explain how to fix your board.

Wear & tear items

The electrical components in electric skateboards aren’t the only thing we stock. We also sell parts and components that generally wear and tear more often than the ones previously mentioned. 

Some of the other parts we have in stock include Shredlights, off-road longboard wheels, e-skate belts, flexible longboard decks, bulk rolls of grip tape, belt-driven motors, batteries and electric mountain board trucks. 

We have a large inventory of electric skateboard belts that can also be used for other purposes, like small machinery repair. The sizes we have in stock are:

255-5M, 228-3M, 335-5M, 395-5M, 400-5M, 405-5M, 435-5M

If you’ve seen something in this article that isnt available for purchase on our website, call us at the number below and we’ll do our best to get you what you need.

Pneumatic Off-Road Longboard Tires & Wheels

We have two different types of off-road longboard wheels in stock. There are the pneumatic mountainboard wheels that come stock on our Shaboardz MTN all-terrain electric longboard. These wheels measure about 8″ in diameter. 

Pneumatic means the wheels contain air, which means these wheels have tubes that are filled with air. There’s a steel rim in the middle that’s easy to take apart if you ever need to replace the tube. 

The outer portion is a durable tire with a beefy tread pattern that’s perfect for riding on dirt, gravel and rocks. Tires can be sold separately. 

The pulley used on this wheel to drive the board is 72T. These wheels are built for off-road use and it’s hard to beat the smooth ride they produce.

Air-Free Off-Road Longboard Wheels

The other all-terrain electric longboard wheels we have in stock are a little less maintenance than the mountainboard wheels. They are air-free, so you don’t need to monitor their tire pressure or have to worry about changing tubes. 

They’re smaller than the other off-road wheels, measuring 6″ in diameter. Although they’re maintenance-free, the mountainboard wheels may provide a smoother ride because of their size and the fact that they’re pneumatic. 

These wheels can travel on dirt, gravel and grass. They come with a 60T pulley and you can get them in two different colours – black or pink.

Get your e-skate parts shipped out today

All of the components mentioned in this article are shipped out same or next day! So if you have an electric skateboard or mountainboard that needs a fix, we can get you the parts you need in 1-7 business days. 

As we mentioned, most components are universally used by different companies in the industry, so just because you didn’t purchase your e-board from us doesn’t mean we don’t have the part you’re looking for. 

We also know it’s a struggle and maybe even impossible to get someone from an e-skate company on the phone, but if you have any questions about diagnosing the issue with your board feel free to call us at: 604-250-9039

You can also check out our YouTube channel for helpful videos on replacing parts and components. 

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